T-Shirt Cannon

T-shirt Cannon

The team as a whole has constructed most of the robot including the drivetrain, turntable assembly, tank mounts, and the launcher. We are currently working on finalizing the robot and adding the pneumatic tubing, linear actuator and electronics.

With the gracious support of the Wapakoneta Breakfast Optimist Club sponsoring the project, the Wapakoneta Robotics Club is in the process of building out a robotic T-shirt Cannon robot. 

The design of the robot has an industrial turntable that will allow the cannon to rotate both left and right by ninety degrees while still driving forward. This will be great for parades. the Design also has a linear actuator that will allow a t-shirt to be shot between a zero and sixty degree angle. This will allow for more accuracy and a better range of shots. 

The design of the robot was created by one of the Seniors on the team, Kalen. He attends the Apollo Career Center and also works at Crown. Kalen specializes in the 3D modeling of our building department. He fully 3d modeled out the t-shirt cannon robot and is manufacturing our custom parts that are needed using CNC machinery. 

This is our senior Kalen who designed the robot on the right and our Junior Justin on the left with our freshman Graham. They are working on the tubing to get everything attached properly.