T-Shirt Cannon

T-shirt Cannon

The team construction of the robot included creating the drivetrain, turntable assembly, tank mounts, and the launcher. pneumatic tubing, linear actuator and electronics. It was then programmed and any issues debugged before unveiling it at public events. 

With the gracious support of the Wapakoneta Breakfast Optimist Club sponsoring the project, the Wapakoneta Robotics Club built a robotic T-shirt Cannon robot. 

The design of the robot has an industrial turntable that allows the cannon to rotate both left and right by 360 degrees while still driving forward. In addition, it has a linear actuator that will allow a t-shirt to be shot between a 15 and 60 degree angle. This will allow for more accuracy and a better range of shots. 

The robot is utilized during parades, basketball games, football games and other events where we can promote our team and bring more attention to robotics and the Wapakoneta High School Robotics Club. 

During the 2022-23 school year, this is senior Kalen who created the design and machined a lot of the parts. Junior, Justin, and freshman, Graham, can be seen assisting with the tubing to get everything attached properly. 

Technical Specifications


  • 6 Barrels for launching T-Shirts and other promotional items
  • Six-Wheel Drive, Off-Road Capable
  • Wireless Control
  • Dimensions: 34"L x 34"W x 38"H
  • Weight: 225 Pounds
  • Projectile Range: 50+ Yards


  • 6 - 2/5" OD, 2.375" ID Barrels x 24" Long
  • High Pressure SCUBA Tank Reservoir at ~ 3300 psi
  • Low Pressure Regulated SCUBA Tank Accumulator at ~ 120 psi
  • 1" Outlet from Accumulator to a Manifold with 4- 3/4" Outlets
  • 4 - Falcon 500 Drivetrain Motors
  • 360 Degree Turret 
  • Linear Actuator To Change Pitch From 15 to 60 Degrees


  • Power Source: 12 Volt Motorcycle Battery
  • Controller: roboRio configurable Robotics Controller
  • Wireless Protocol: 802.11g Wi-Fi @ 2.4ghz
  • Integrated Talon FX Motor Controller
  • 6 - 12V 3/4" Solenoids
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