Team 10851

Team 10851 WASA

WASA, has called Wapakoneta High School it's home since the dawn of its creation in 2015 by Coach Mr. Graham Fennell, and Coach Mr. Tyler Ricketts, joined in 2022. WASA has always used it's hometown roots, the birthplace of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, as a form of pursuit in everything we do, including our name itself, which is literally NASA with a W for Wapakoneta. As a team we like to combine our talents into a successful group that can be both triumphant, but also encouraging for our peers and in the Community around us. We have members from all different types of backgrounds, and grades, that when combined can truly create something amazing. 

As a team, WASA tries to focus on what really matters to us, helping others. Whether it be helping people through volunteering, or just the members on the team when they come to a roadblock, we always try to help each other. Through the years as a team, we find that that without strong communication through members, it is difficult to bond with each other. We find communication to also be very important in a team setting, and truly after talking with each other more, we not only understand our differences better, but we also understand why we're all here, which can only bring us closer together.

Here are some members of our building section of the robotics team working on our FTC robot. This is to make sure it is able to grab cones and move around the field quickly. 

This is our coding team working on finishing up the code for our FTC bot to make sure it is going to be competition ready. To make it competition ready they have to code an autonomous phase for the start of a round and have to code the rest of the robot so it is drivable and can grab cones.

This is our final FTC bot design that is able to grab cones by expanding the barb on the inside of the cone. We will be taking the bot to states on March 11th.